Stylish Travellers Baltic Countries


The Leading Luxury Travel Show in Baltic Countries

Luxury Travel Showcase Central Eastern Europe in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is already underway, bringing only the most exclusive names from the travel industry. This luxury travel event is the only One Triple Travel Workshop in Baltic Countries dedicated to developing and bringing together the biggest names in high-end luxury travel in Central Eastern Europe.



Why Should You Attend This Event ?

This is a can’t miss Showcase: Concierge Services, Travel Managers, Luxury Travel Agencies, Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Airline First Classes, Tourism Board of jet set destinations and everyone who is in the Luxury Travel Business will take home incredible contacts and inspirations. A panel of well-known international Travel Companies will be sharing their fascinating stories and tell many secrets about their properties.  Everyone involved in the Luxury Travel Sector will be inspired and learn a few tips and tricks.



Who is Attending

Aside from having every detail scrupulously planned and arranged for them, buyers and sellers need only to bring their business cards and promotional materials to get down to business.  There they will find some of the most impressive travel products and services available in today’s Luxury Travel Marketplace. Stylish Travellers in Bucharest is the platform that will provide easy access for exhibitors to the world of high end travel from this region from the Leisure and Mice segment.

Stylish Travellers Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is your unique platform to interact with the key players in the Luxury Travel Industry on a short lapse of time just before the summer season:


  • VIP Mice Organizers
  • Luxury Travel Agencies
  • Bespoke  Concierge Services
  • Lifestyle Medias



Workshop Format

This is a B2B event which starts at 11:00  until 14:00. Throughout the event , a coffee and Tea station will be available as well as Soft drinks served on trays.

Exhibitors will have tables scattered all around the Event Venue and Buyers will be able to go around and discuss Business with the Participants.  At the end of the event, there is a cocktail together with a Raffle, where we offer many vouchers to the Best Travel Agents.




08:00 - 11:00 or 18:00 - 22:00 travelling from city to city and arrival at the Hotel

11:00 - 12:00 Briefing and Set up of the tables

12:00 - 16:30 Individual meetings with guests

19:00 - 20:00 Debriefing 



The Fee Includes

  • 1 Exhibiting Table
  •  Staff organization and administration
  •  Lunch and beverages at the event
  •  Event Promotion
  •  Invitations
  •  Local PR Agency



Some Interesting Information



Geographically, Estonia is on the north-eastern edge of the European Union, bordering Russia and Latvia. Estonia is in the Schengen Area and has open borders with the rest of Europe. British, Americans, Canadians and Australians can also enter to Estonia without visa. Estonia has a population of 1,3 million and everyone in tourism and nearly everyone in other services in Estonia speaks good English and very often German, Russian and differents Scandinavian languages. Capital and biggest city of Estonia is Tallinn with a population around 433 653 in 2014.



Geographically, Latvia is located in the northern part of the east Europe. It is one of the three Baltic States, located in between Estonia and Lithuania. The country also has a border with Belarus and Russia. Latvia takes up an area that is slightly bigger than the one of Croatia, Slovakia or Estonia. The official language of the country is Latvian. The Latvia language is a mother-tongue to only about a half of the inhabitants of the country as another language widely spoken is Russian. Latvia has a population 2,2 million and capital of the country is Riga with population around 701 185 in 2014 and also Latvia is in the Schengen Area and has open borders with the rest of Europe.



Geographically, is situated in the northern part of Eastern Europe. Lithuanian is an archaic language derived from Sanskrit, with 32 letters. A lot of people in the larger cities speak English, Polish, Russian and German as their native tongue. Lithuania is also in the Schengen Area since 2003 and has open borders with the rest of Europe. Lithuania has a population 3,03 million and capital of the country is Vilnius  with population around 539 939 in 2014.



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