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As a travel writer you are always pressed to supply your readers with fresh content regarding the most exciting new hotels, resorts and travel experiences. So what if you could receive exclusive information about the very ultimate in Elite Luxury Travel Destinations on a regular basis? Well, thanks to STYLISH TRAVELLERS, you can!


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In order to satisfy your thirst for the most captivating travel news, and to help you boost your readership, we'd like to introduce our STYLISH HOTELS & STYLISH NEWS to you! Imagine the most spectacular, most exclusive resort destinations in the entire world. Picture the loveliest hotels in the most enchanting settings — from soaring mountain palaces to Mediterranean sea-cliff villas.

We would also like to send you a copy of our highly coveted, Luxury Brochure “ Hotels for Rich and Famous “ . It contains colour photos and detailed descriptions of the most elite hotels, resorts and travel experiences around the world. In other words, it is full of unique story ideas for your publication! We organize Press Trip to fabulous location, and would like to invite you to take part of it.



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