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The cost of each city event is based upon a minimum of 15 participants. We reserve the right to replace the events with a more suitable set-up (such as working lunch, sales calls...). The exact program will be communicated once the final number will be confirmed. We reserve the right to cancel the event in case we do not reach the minimum number of Hotel participating. Sharing of tables is not permitted. Cancellation of a hotel’s participation is subject to full payment. A refund will be considered only on if the cancelling hotel will able to secure a replacement hotel. In order to avoid a conflict of interest and a dilution of impact for all participating member hotels no other individual promotions such as receptions, luncheons, etc. should be planned before, during or shortly after the showcases. Please note that we do not disclose the list of participants to the events or their details. In order to be allowed at the Stylish Travellers events. Full pre-payment must be received in order to be allowed at the shows. Each participating Hotel is requested to offer 1 voucher for 2 nights minimum, which must be remitted to the organizers by e-mail. The voucher will be gifted by the organizers. Please note that an official photographer will be taking pictures and videos of the events. By participating at the events you grant to Stylish Business Group SARL a non-exclusive, not limited by the time, worldwide right to republish the materials, to display the pictures taken of you at the events and texts in all editions, website, publications and in connection with the promotion of the events and future editions.