Reach the Eastern Europeans Wealthy Consumers in Luxury Environments


Advertising on Eastern Europe most Luxurious & Lifestyle Magazines

Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes. And a big part of developing your Ad Plans and Campaign is to decide which mediums are the best suited to advertising your particular Business.
If your Budget is too limited to make an impact in the Market on a daily or weekly basis, stash your cash until you're having some special event or sale and than attack the media full force. In advertising, you're better off having a big voice in a while than a weak voice every day. In order to succeed you need a plan of Cation, We will help you come up with a plan that works for you: 
  • Identifying your Target Market
  • Determining  what media you should Buy
  • Maximizing your Budget 
  • Using Media you can afford

Advertising Opportunities

A certain way to attract customers is to offer something they can't get anywhere else. Print Advertising includes everything from daily and Sunday newspapers to consumer magazines, business-to-business publications and even the Yellow Pages or other directories.  We can help you  Create, Buy and Monitor your advertising in Central Eastern Europe & Russia: 


  • Online

  • Banner Ads
  • Email Lists and Newsletters
  • Links to your website  from Product or Services related to your Topic
  • Rich-media Ads
  • Keyword Advertising
  • Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Tv
  • Outdoor 
  • Magazines
  • Inflight Magazines
  • Brand Ambassdorship through Celebrities
  • Throwing a Party in CEE Countries, Moscow or St.Petersburg
  • Creating a Blog about your Business


One way to get people talking is to come up with a new expression associated with your Business, a Catchy Phrases. Another way to get people talking is to associate it with something more intriguing and something fabulous.



Russia's Uber-High-Net-Worth Individuals Direct Mailing

Direct-mailing to Elite Houses and Villages of Moscow and St.Petersburg, Russia. We provide a unique service of direct-mailing to the richest audience of Moscow & St.Petersburg.Your advertising materials can be inserted in the same package with top glossy & business magazines (as Vogue, GQ, Forbes etc.) and it’s a guarantee of the direct contact with your potential clients. 

Among the mailing clients you can find: Dior, Deutsche Bank, Infiniti, Citibank, Robb Report and many other Luxury Companies.

Our audience is the main consumer of luxury goods and services, holders and top-managers of major companies, businessmen, civil servants, qualified specialists in different areas, public figures and their families.


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